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Promotion program

Minh Tam Hotel is pleased to introduce:

1. Bedroom promotions:

- Promotion Period: For the reservation period from 01/05/2012 to end on 31/05/2012.

- Target: For customers who live on the official website of the hotel or email hotelminhtam@vnn.vn http://minhtamdalat.vn.

- Promotion policy: 10% discount for any reservation excluding the time.

2. Fare promotions garden tour:

- Promotion Period: From 01/01/2012 to end on 31/12/2012.


- Target: For travel companies have signed a contract with gardens to visit tourist resort.

- Promotion policy: 40% discount fare.

Not applicable with other promotional programs.

- Visitors to eat and stay at the hotel free of charge entrance fees.

- Hotels can stop the program at any time.


Promotion program( 1/4/2012 )

Restaurant with spacious campus under the canopy covered hill overlooking flower dreaming. A perfect place to organize the festival banquet, receptions, weddings and conferences.


 Set foot on top Mimosa mountain pass - one of the two major gateway into dreamy Da Lat city, visitors will encounter the right area resort - hotel Minh Tam - a famous, beautiful hotel gardens hidden among pine


Minh Tam flower garden which had been formed from the 70s of last century, is located in the campus, good ecological environment in the basin with the most ancient roses in Da Lat