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Museum of Lam Dong in Da Lat

Museum of Lam Dong used to be at the former Town Hall, on a big hill, at the end of a romantic winding road called ‘the Road of Love’.

Dalat Railway Station

Among transportation lines connecting Dalat to its neighborhood lasted for some time the railway between Dalat and Chàm Tower, which was opened in 1938 and whose station of Dalat was considered the most beautiful Indochina railway station at that time 

Lang Bian Mountain in Dalat

Also called Lam Vien Mountain, it has five volcanic peaks ranging in altitude from 2100m to 2400m. Of the two highest peaks, the eastern one is known by the woman's name K'Lang while the western one bears a i man's name, K'Biang. 

Tuyen Lam Lake in Dalat

Going alongside National Road 20 to Prenn Pass, just past Datanla Waterfall. Tourists turn left, go about 2 km into the rolling pine forest and then face an immense lake with an impressive long time name of Tuyền Lâm.  

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Museum of Lam Dong in Da Lat ( 10/4/2011 )
Dalat Railway Station ( 10/4/2011 )
Lang Bian Mountain in Dalat ( 10/4/2011 )
Tuyen Lam Lake in Dalat ( 9/4/2011 )

Restaurant with spacious campus under the canopy covered hill overlooking flower dreaming. A perfect place to organize the festival banquet, receptions, weddings and conferences.


 Set foot on top Mimosa mountain pass - one of the two major gateway into dreamy Da Lat city, visitors will encounter the right area resort - hotel Minh Tam - a famous, beautiful hotel gardens hidden among pine


Minh Tam flower garden which had been formed from the 70s of last century, is located in the campus, good ecological environment in the basin with the most ancient roses in Da Lat